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Superintendant of Schools

The Superintendent's Office maintains some old records on file from 1910 to the present for most school districts. Teacher certificates are on file for most past years. Some school history for Jefferson County can be located in this office.

Home Schooling Information

Please complete the following forms and submit to the County Superintendent of Schools in Jefferson County. The log of hours need only be turned in on a semester basis. The state also requires a current copy of immunization records for each child registered. If you have any questions about the forms, please contact Anika McCauley by email or by phone 406-225-4114. Thank you for your ongoing support in this matter and please do not hesitate to contact this office if you need assistance for ongoing educational resources.

Current Schools in Jefferson County:

Clancy School District 1 933-5575
Basin School District 5 225-3211
Boulder Elementary School 225-3316
Whitehall Elementary School 287-3455
Cardwell Elementary School 287-3321
Montana City Elementary School 442-6779
Three Forks Elem School #26, Three Forks 285-3224
Jefferson High School, Boulder 225-3317
Whitehall High School, Whitehall 287-3455

The Office of County Superintendent of Schools is a part time elected position.

Previous County Superintendents, 1868 to the present:

November1868Dr. J. B. MillsElected
November1870Joel TaylorElected
November1872WS. HallElected
November1874John T. RohrbaughElected
November1876Henry DildineElected
November1878Ed Mc SorleyElected
November1880Ed Mc SorleyElected
November1882Alexander J. ElderElected
November1884E. J. FilcherElected
November1886W. E. DeanElected
November1890W. E. DeanElected
June1891Miss Edda Lowrey Appointed
November1892Miss Edda LowreyElected
November1894Nannita MV. BagleyElected
November1896Lillian CareyElected
November1898Lillian CareyElected
November1900Jennie FilcherElected
November1902Alma KrigerElected
November1904Nora TurrentineElected
November1906Nora TurrentineElected
November1908Leta ThompsonElected
Feburary1910Sadie MaguireAppointed
November1910Sadie MaguireElected
November1912Mabel HaynesElected
November1914Mabel HaynesElected
November1916Jennie CarlsonElected
November1918Lilah HalfordElected
November1920Lilah HalfordElected
November1922Tina SmithElected
November1924Tina SmithElected
November1926Jennie HoughtonElected
November1928Jennie HoughtonElected
November1930Jennie HoughtonElected
November1932Lester McMillanElected
November1934Lester McMillanElected
November1936Frank LightfootElected
November1938Frank LightfootElected
November1940Frank LightfootElected
November1942Frank LightfootElected
September1944Margart DawsonAppointed
November1944Margart DawsonElected
November1946Lydia Carpenter Elected
November1950Agnes MikkelsonElected
November1954Zula KylerElected
November1958Zula KylerElected
November1962Zula KylerElected
November1966Zula KylerElected
November1970Zula KylerElected
February1972Marjorie G. Mc MastersAppointed
November1972John G. GregoryElected
November1976Merce VosbourghElected
November1980Merce VosbourghElected
January1984Helen WilliamsAppointed
November1984Helen WilliamsElected
November1986Helen WilliamsElected
November1990Sandra StreibElected
November1994Garry A. PaceElected
November1998Garry A. PaceElected
November2002Robert HaabElected
Feburary2003Garry A. PaceAppointed
November2004Garry A. PaceElected