Montana Codes Annotated Section 46-23-508 allows public dissemination of the location of registered sexual and violent offenders.
This web page makes registry information available for the purpose of protecting the public.
Any person who uses information in this registry to injure, harass or commit a criminal act against any person included in the registry or any other person is subject to criminal prosecution. These people are entitled to live in peace until such time as they commit another crime.

Tier Level III

Name DOB Address Photo
Conrad, Brandon C. 8/13/84 52 Old Alhambra Rd, Clancy Yes
Hanson, Cyrus Dominick 8/10/2001 105 Venture Way, Boulder Yes
Swenson, Gary Carl Jr 1/10/1977 4 Albetine Ln, Mt City MT 59634 Yes

Tier Level II

Name DOB Address Photo
Adams, William L 4/23/1965 106 ¾ South Division St., Whitehall MT 59759 Yes
Biggs, William R 6/16/1994 310 4th Ave, Boulder(MDC) Yes
Corpron,Steven K 9/16/87 500 Old Butte County Rd #1, Boulder Yes
Cohen, Joseph Michael. 6/6/80 310 4th Ave, Boulder(MDC) Yes
Davis, Jonathon E. 8/11/86 310 4th St., Boulder (MDC) Yes
Graham, David M 1/23/1979 101 Lenore Lot #1, Boulder Yes
Holbrook, Melvyn L. 3/21/81 121 Legion St, Whitehall Yes
Knapp, Jeffrey 10/18/77 6 Ridge View Court, MT City Yes
Miller, Shannon P. 4/23/75 11 Finn Gulch, Wicks Yes
Peterson, Beau 2/17/86 248 Piedmont Rd, Whitehall Yes
VanAlstine, Larry II 2/18/71 460 Hwy 282, Clancy 59634 Yes

Tier Level I

Name DOB Address Photo
Howard, Domenick James 7/14/1988 21 Finch Gulch, Boulder, 59632 Yes
Doris, Dale P 5/1/55 109 N Stanley, Whitehall Yes
Haulman, David F. 6/22/57 1182 Hwy 2 West, Whitehall Yes
Mathiason, Andrew R. 6/15/61 506 Capital Heights, Boulder Yes
Park, Malcolm 5/23/65 #9 Whitetail Creek Trailer Court, Whitehall
Robinson, Gerry V. 10/21/57 #2 Creekside Ln., Clancy Yes
Sturdevant, Dustin 9/25/88 30 Sugarbeet Row, Whitehall Yes

Non-designated Sexual Offender

Name DOB Address Photo
Cottrill, Eric James 6/5/72 119 Meadowlark Trail, Jefferson City Yes
Geddes, Donald Ray 6/10/1976 407 W 4th St Apt 4, Boulder Yes
Gunter, Shane 2/28/94 310 E. 4th St, Boulder (MDC) Yes
Hayden, Gerald L. 11/2/29 106 Cleveland St., #4. Boulder Yes
Indreland, Gary D. 6/26/45 211 Muskrat Ln. Boulder Yes
Kacajecz, Jame Joseph 8/9/1980 1 Spring St, Jefferson City Yes
Marks, Douglas M. 5/19/26 29 Lump Gulch Rd., Clancy Yes
Pomeroy, Billy 9/2/1948 414 W Olive St, Whitehall Yes
Rasmussen, Steven A 10/17/1992 231 Jackson Creek Rd, Montana City Yes
Snyder, David A. 11/17/81 205 N Main St, Boulder Yes
Swenson,Jeffrey Alan 02/26/1982 104 Meadowlark Trail, Jefferson City Yes

Violent Offenders

Under Montana law, photographs are not always available to the public for this type of offender.
Name DOB Address Photo
Andrews, Jamie A 9/21/83 449 Jackrabbit Ln, Whitehall No
Balidbardin, Alexandria M. 9/23/75 1 Riverside Rd., Boulder No
Brown, John C 8/8/92 310 4th Ave, Boulder MT 59632 MDC No
Buckman, Mary D 1/23/71 1 Riverside Rd., Boulder 59632 No
Cassidy, Joseph A 1/14/76 842 Highway 55, Whitehall 59759 No
Compton, Zebedee John 8/30/1979 747 Lower Valley Rd, Boulder, 59632 No
Demers, Trapper Lee 5/16/1991 54 Finn Gulch, Jefferson City 59638 No
Gober, Jeremy A. 7/5/79 417 W. 4th Ave., Boulder 59632 No
Hagman, William E. 10/14/1944 101 N Elder, Boulder 59632 No
Hendrickson, Lannie L 30/20/1981 7 N C Streer, Whitehall 59759 No
LaFournaise,Paul A. 7/15/65 205 E 4th St., Boulder 59632 No
Meadors, Joe Dell 6/14/1985 515 N Whitehall St., Whitehall, MT 59759 No
Natalie-Lopuch, Austin 2/22/92 Rodems Mobile Court #9, Clancy No
Nelson, Christopher Dane 9/6/85 513 W 1st St, Whitehall No
Page, Ralph E. 3/1/80 106 Sloans Road, Boulder No
Savage, Dan James Jr (transient) 2/9/1977 117 E 2nd St, Whitehall Yes
Seger, Julian Eugene 5/1/73 500 Old Butte Rd, #8, Boulder No
Wetter, Rebecca Jane 7/28/1966 308 N Whitetail Rd, Whitehall MT, 59759 No
Zupanik, Thad 4/14/59 501 Old Butte County Rd, Boulder 59632 No