Emergency Notification System

What is the Target Notification System?

Target Notification is an Emergency Preparedness Notification System. It is designed to rapidly notify an affected area of an emergency by sending a prerecorded message through the telephone system using the 911 data base. This system will now also send the same message to a cell phone or VoIP number if your number is registered. In order to receive emergency notifications on your cellular or VoIP phone, please follow this link to register your cell number. Only land line phone numbers are automatically included in the database - all others must be manually registered by the user.

Why do we need Target Notification?

As your emergency responders we understand the importance of involving the public in public safety emergencies, whether it is seeking help in locating missing persons, sending out information on public safety risks or providing information on wildfire evacuations. The Target Notification System allows the Sheriff’s office to efficiently notify as many citizens as needed in a short amount of time.

How does it work?

Target Notification uses the county’s 9-1-1 database as its source for telephone numbers determined by an area drawn on a map. Target Notification launches a prerecorded message to those “land-line” numbers in that specified area and the system will leave a message if an answering machine picks up. The system also has a callback feature that ensures the message is delivered. If it reaches a busy signal, the system will try back three times to reach the intended party. For the system to call your cell phone or VoIP phone, you must first register your number with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Don’t call 9-1-1 after you are alerted by the system unless the message directs you to do so. This jams the 9-1-1 lines for other emergencies
  • You may repeat the system message by following the prompts the system gives you.
  • The system generates your phone number only, not your name so your privacy will not be compromised.
  • Don’t hang up in the middle of the message. The entire message must be delivered for the system to notify us that it was received.
  • If you have a telephone zapper used to block out telemarketers or your phone is blocked to unknown callers the system message will not go through.

What if I move out of the area, or no longer want to receive notification calls?

If you move out of Jefferson County, you probably don’t want to continue receiving our notification calls. Check to see if Target Notification is offered in your new hometown or County and if it is, register with that jurisdiction. If you move somewhere Target Notification isn’t offered, or simply don’t want to continue receiving calls on your wireless or VoIP phone, contact the Jefferson County Dispatch Center at 406-225-4075 and request your wireless or VoIP number be removed from the database.