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The County Commission has established an online/call in platform for citizens to participate in County meetings remotely. At the designated meeting time, those wishing to participate can watch online by visiting and entering the meeting ID 671-828-8589. Citizens can also access the meeting on their phones by calling 1-312-626-6799 and entering the meeting ID 671-828-8589.

Jefferson County Commission

The Jefferson County Commission is a group of elected officials charged with administering the county government. The Jefferson county commissions are usually made up of three individuals. The current term of an elected county commissioner is six years. Terms are staggered with one commissioner position being voted on every two years.The county is divided into three districts with one commissioner being elected from each district.

Commission Meetings

Meetings are held every Tuesday at 1:30pm in the Clerk and Recorder Meeting Room. The current agenda can be found here.(You may need to refresh your browser page or clear the cache to see the latest agenda).

Resolutions and Commission Meeting Minutes

Resolutions, minutes and past agendas are available here.

Copy of the Resolution to Increase Solid Waste Fees

Resoultion to Increase Solid Waste Fees
aerial image of courthouse by Cory Kirsch
  • Cory Kirsch

    Cory Kirsch

    Cory represents District 2 which includes the communities of Boulder, Basin, Elk Park, Bernice, Jefferson City, and Clancy.
    phone: (406) 225-4028

  • Bob Mullen

    Bob Mullen

    Bob represents District 3 which includes Montana City and Elkhorn.
    phone: (406) 225-4026

  • Leonard Wortman

    Leonard Wortman, Commission Chair

    Leonard represents District 1 which includes the communities of Whitehall, Cardwell, and Pipestone.
    phone: (406) 225-4027

  • Helen Auch, Commission Assistant

    Courthouse, 1st Floor
    phone: (406) 225-4025
    fax: (406) 225-4148