Concealed Carry Permits

Montana law prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons inside city, town or logging camp limits and also contains some limits on the carrying of concealed weapons outside of city limits. However, a person may carry concealed weapons in many instances if he or she has a permit to do so. Concealed weapons permits are available to Montana residents. Montana also recognizes concealed weapons permits from some other states. Non-residents must meet the following criteria to carry a concealed weapon in Montana:

  1. The state that issued their permit must require a criminal records background check for issuance of a permit.
  2. The permit must be in the holder's possession.
  3. The permit holder must have photo identification.

To obtain a Montana concealed weapons permit, a person must have been a Montana resident for at least six months, must be a U.S. citizen and must be at least 18 years old. Applications are available from the local county sheriffs office.

Whether inside or outside city limits, you may not carry a concealed weapon in the following places:

  1. buildings owned or leased by the federal, state or local government
  2. financial institutions; and a room where alcoholic beverages are sold, dispensed or consumed
  3. school buildings, no matter where they are located.

Local regulations may restrict the carrying of concealed weapons at public meetings, in public parks and buildings, and in schools.Local county sheriffs can provide information on where concealed weapons are prohibited in their counties.

Montana has no prohibitions against carrying a weapon in a motor vehicle, although federal rules apply in national parks.

Requirements for Permits

  1. U. S. Citizen
  2. 18 years or older
  3. Must have valid Mont. Driver's License or other picture I.D. issued by the state of Montana
  4. Must be a resident of the State for at least 6 months or more
  5. Must show proof of safety education qualification or approved firearms safety training course and satisfactory completion
  6. Must properly fill out application form and SIGN IN THE PRESENCE OF THE SHERIFF'S ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT.
  7. Fingerprints and picture will be done at the sheriff's office. The application has to be accompanied by a non-refundable $55.00 fee ($25.00 for renewal and a $50.00 fee for expired permits)
  8. CHANGE OF COUNTY RESIDENCY: Applicant, if granted a permit must within 10 days inform Sheriff and Chief of Police of both counties if county residence is changed
  9. RENEWALS: MCA 45-8-322(3) states in part: The permit must be renewed for additional 4-year periods upon payment of a $25.00 fee per renewal and upon request for renewal made within 10 days before expiration of the permit (emphasis added.) There will be no exceptions

How To Obtain A Permit From Jefferson County

Please download and complete the application in full - DO NOT SIGN OR DATE IT- You will be required to sign it in front of the sheriff's assistant

The process takes approximately two weeks and the permit will be mailed to you. References may be contacted with out of state references being contacted by mail which may extend the processing time.

The fee is $55.00 payable by money order, cash or check. If paying with cash PLEASE BRING THE EXACT AMOUNT, we do not keep change in the office. The fee is non-refundable if the application is denied.

An appointment is required for all permits.

Appointments must be made at least ONE WEEK in advance. Appointments can be scheduled for Tuesdays or Thursdays between 8am and 3pm.

Renewal are $25/four year permit. You are still required to come into the office to complete the process. Permit renewals can be done Monday, Tuesday or Thursday between 8am and 3pm. EXPIRED PERMITS WILL BE RENEWED FOR A $50.00 FEE.

Contact Us

    Craig Doolittle, Sheriff

    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
    Box 588
    Boulder, MT 59632
    Phone: (406) 225-4075

    Denise Richardson, Permits/Appointments*

    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
    Box 588
    Boulder, MT 59632
    Phone: (406) 225-4079

    *Appointments must be made at least ONE WEEK in advance

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